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 Some headlines from last week

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PostSubject: Some headlines from last week   Tue Oct 21, 2008 2:07 am

Local Orphanage catches fire: Fire determined to be caused by accident, but police are not ruling out foul play.

Rooftop sniper Kills one, Wounds 6: Police are pulling double shifts to sove this case. The Police say they already have a list of supects and are going to find out who did this, no matter the cost. This comes straight from police chief James Jackson.

Top stories today, an unidentified local man was found today outside his appartment. It appear he fell from his appartment after an altercation with a robber. Police said in a statement that "many valuables were taken from around the appartment." One detective who asked that we keep their identity secret told us "What they dont do is tell you about the body. never seen a fresh body that pale. This is more than a bne." The police are searching for clues as to the identity of the attacker, but so far the search has been fruitless. This bring this years murder count to 22.

A major move in the world of business today. Boeing Inc. is moving its corporate offices to our city. "This relocation, while hasty, allows for a significantly more centalized ditributuion network for the company." Boeing CEO W. James McNerney Jr. told our own Roxanne Ridgeway "Couple this with our strategic incentives with the new Titanium Endevour and the Aeries I rocket and the possibilities for returns on capital are sky high." While he could not be reached for comment the Honourable Mayor Coleman has said "We eagerly anticipate the new career oppertunities as well as economic growth options that Boings relocation presents us." Boeing, who has recently lost some face after losing the X-35 Aircraft bid to Lockheed Martin, is still the second most powerful aerospace and defence contracter in the world.

On a lighter note the University of Ohio would like to extend an invitation to all citizens to attend a debate at the Palace Theater on the subject of metaphysics and the paranormal on Friday June 27'th. Professer Emetrius Thaddius Birmingham, who has both a PhD in Physics and Quantum Mechanics will be debating with our very own University President Gordan Gee, who is an accomplished academic. Tickets are four dollars per person and all procedes go to the families of the victims of last months animal attacks
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Some headlines from last week
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